A Burning Question

The other day a patient asked me a question that I’ve heard many times before, on a topic that sometimes confuses patients when they start care at The Specific. We had just completed the final re-examination after her initial intensive course of care; she had presented several months previously with debilitating headaches that were increasing in frequency, severity and duration over the course of time. That means that not only were her headaches happening more often, the pain was getting worse and worse, and was lasting for longer and longer when it did occur. NOT A FUN COMBO!! In fact, she shared with me that at times the headache pain was so bad that she actually wanted to die. Now, while this is certainly enough to depress a person, this woman did not suffer from depression. She was happy with her life, quite happy. But that’s how bad the pain got: that dying would have been a welcome relief from it. And I think we can all agree that that is NO WAY to live.


Luckily she was referred to The Specific Chiropractic Centers and she was a candidate for specific chiropractic care. After her initial intensive course of care, she was having *maybe* one headache a month, which would last a couple of hours and top out at a 3/10 on the pain scale. What a huge relief!! So at her final re-examination, she had this question for me:


Why do some chiropractors adjust the rest of the spine and other joints of the body, instead of focusing on the most important area of the spine like you do??


She went on to explain that restoring the brain-body communication to allow for healing to occur made such perfect sense to her, that she simply couldn’t understand why some chiropractors would focus on anything else. And I see her point! I mean, it makes perfect sense to me, too, and the rest of the docs at The Specific! That’s exactly why we practice the way that we do!!


But her question is a valid one, and deserves a thoughtful response.


You can probably already sense that at The Specific, we’re specialists. And the reality is that not every single chiropractor can be a specialist; it’s not necessary or appropriate. Just like in the medical world, there are different doctors that focus on different things; those with added expertise are referred to as specialists. Same goes in chiropractic.


Adjusting the bones of the spine can have a positive impact on its various joints; it can restore motion and biomechanics, thereby reducing inflammatory responses and promoting tissue and joint healing. It can help a lot of musculoskeletal ailments and a lot of cases can be drastically improved with general chiropractic.


And then there are those cases that just don’t seem to improve. They don’t respond to general chiropractic, or to other types of healthcare modalities, approaches and treatments. Sometimes they don’t even seem connected to the spine! These are the people that are not only left suffering, but are left feeling helpless and hopeless. And these are EXACTLY the people that we have the good fortune of helping at The Specific Chiropractic Centers. Because by taking that musculoskeletal approach a bit further and analyzing the neurological coordination of the body, we find that more often than not there is actually MAJOR miscommunication happening that is literally preventing the body from healing appropriately.


The docs at The Specific Chiropractic Centers have completed hundreds of additional hours of education and training to be able to specialize in understanding this unique neurological component and more importantly, being able to restore its integrity so that healing can finally occur. This is why people that have TRIED EVERYTHING can still have hope when they come to The Specific, and why people no longer have to continue searching for solutions once they’ve found us.


Wondering if The Specific Chiropractic Centers has the right specialist for you or someone you care about? Email one of our docs to start a conversation to find out!